Introducing Nissan’s brand new Note & Micra!

The North East, eh? We’ve got a lot to be proud of up here; culture, art, loads of music, a world-famous ale, bridges, coastlines, beautiful scenery, great restaurants and a really rather massive Angel. Not many people outside of the North East can say all of those things about their region (and if they do they’re probably lying. There’s only one big bronze angel).

We also have a rich history of construction and industry of course, it’s in the region’s veins and in its foundations and it’s legacy is something that can never be underestimated. Of course the shipyards and coal mines are long gone, consigned to murals, plaques and statues but never let anybody tell you that we’ve lost the ability to make unbeatable, world-class products.

For nearly thirty years now the Nissan factory at Washington has been a huge part of our region’s continuing industrial make-up, manufacturing full cars for the world over for twenty of those years.

Very soon the newest incarnations of two of Nissan’s most popular models, the Micra and the Note, will be rolling off the production line and on to roads and driveways the world over so it was with great pleasure (and a sense of regional pride) that we helped launch both last week!

Taking place for one night only at each of our Gateshead, Newcastle and Carlisle dealerships, the launches saw both the new Note and Micra on the shop floor for hundreds of curious members of the public to look at and sit in. We even had quite a few purchases both during and shortly after the event so the display models must have worked their magic!

Alongside a more aerodynamic look, the new Nissan Note features a wealth of features designed to both simplify and enhance the driving experience, including Safety Shield technology, stop start ignition and an eco meter. The new Micra meanwhile boasts a dramatic redesign alongside impressive internal features like the latest NissanConnect navigation system which combines Sat Nav with Bluetooth, USB and iPod connectivity on a 5.8″ touch-screen and Nissan’s Parking Slot Measuring System to help guide you into the even the tightest of spaces.

Orders for the new Nissan Micra and Note are open now, so why not take a look through our gallery of images from the Newcastle launch night below.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Nissan’s brand new Note & Micra!

  1. We’re disappointed that the moveable back bench has gone and the arrangement in the boot with the shelves has changed in the Note, and don’t think that the chrome trims have added anything at all. We’re not changing our existing Note (which we love) till this time next year and, at the moment, we’d be more likely to go for a nearly new last-of-the-present-model, chrome notwithstanding.

    1. Hi Fae,
      Thanks for your feedback. We will make sure this is passed on to Nissan for their information. However we are pleased that you are enjoying your current Note so much. If we can be of any further assistance in future please let us know as we would be more than happy to help. Thanks

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