Happy Halloween! It’s the Top 5 Horror Villains

It’s the most horrifying time of year. No, not having to go back to work after a two week break on the Spanish coast, though that is a fate worse than living death. No, I’m talking about a celebration of all things grisly and grotesque, a time when we all get our ghoul on and embrace everything that makes us wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat and reach for a new pair of pants. It’s Halloween!

If you aren’t at the age where it’s socially acceptable to run around the streets wearing a bin bag and carrying a shrivelled turnip (ok, so maybe outfits are a little more sophisticated these days) you may well be booking into your local Cineplex to watch the latest horror movie, possibly Paranormal Activity 57.

While there have been many good horror films in recent times, few have managed to create a character that can rub shoulders with the greats, the ones that get under your skin (quite literally in some cases) and leave such a mark that you’re never quite the same again. I mean who was scared of clowns before Pennywise came along or found dolls quite so creepy before Chuckie?

Well, here I present to you my top 5 horror villains, some of which are loosely connected to cars. Well this is a Lookers blog after all.

5. Mick Taylor (Wolf Creek)

To start us off is a character that is relatively new but one that has managed to imbed themselves into our minds like a hunting knife into the back of an unsuspecting hitchhiker. It’s the man who has, over the course of two films and a TV series, single handily brought the Australian tourist board to its knees, the very, very insane Mick Taylor. Like a dark twisted Crocodile Dundee, Mick’s bloody trail across the Australian Outback has been merciless and at times more than a little hard to stomach. But that hasn’t stopped us taking the grizzled Ozzy to our hearts, so much so that you find yourself cheering him on to his next kill and even laughing along to some of his jovial one-liners. Mick’s rusty blue truck is also a big part of the movies, with its clinking chains acting as the chimes of a demented ice cream man. What a ripper!

4. Ghostface (Scream series)

A villain that brought the horror genre kicking and screaming into the modern era. While much of Scream’s appeal is its clever in-jokes and post-modern breaking of the 4th wall, there’s no denying that the image of Ghostface and his huge knife isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Ghostface hides in plain site (he might even be sat next to you right now) until the time is right to put on his garb, pick up the phone and ask the eternal question: Do You Like Scary Movies? Well I hope this blog will help you to swat up on the classics or else you could well find yourself hanging from the nearest tree.

 3. Norman Bates (Psycho)

The original slasher and the one of the first horror characters to be fully three dimensional. Back in 1960, the mainstay of horror to that point had its roots firmly planted in the realms of sci-fi, with creatures from the Black Lagoon, Visitors from mars and Frankenstein’s Monsters forming much of what we knew about the genre. Norman Bates was real. He was the boy next door. The shy guy that wouldn’t hurt a fly, that is until you took a shower in his hotel and he repeatedly stabbed you to death dressed as his deceased mother. He’s got issues. But, as the quite brilliant TV series shows, he was very sheltered as a boy. He also has a nifty way of disposing of his victims, with the handy lagoon on the property of the Bates Motel proving a handing dumping ground for visitors and their cars.

2. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (IT)

The definition of fear itself for coulrophobia sufferers the world over. Stephen King’s masterful creation didn’t do much dancing. He was too busy scaring kids to within an inch of their lives by preying on their worst fears, like turning into a werewolf, a giant spider, popping out of a shower plug and ‘floating’ around in the sewers below. The eerie 50s white picket fence setting depicted in the first half of the TV mini-series certainly adds to the creepy factor, as does the supreme acting skills of the legend that is Tim Curry. Pennywise is also due to return and beckon us back into the Dead Lights next year in a new cinematic version of IT. Beep Beep Ritchie.

1.Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

For me there wasn’t anyone scarier when I was growing up. In my nightmares there was no escape. Though successive sequels grew in levels of sheer stupidity, like the time when he trapped the souls of his victims in the toppings of his pizza, it never took away from the terror I felt when I saw a red and green hooped jumper. To this day, if I watch a Freddy movie I follow it up by going straight to YouTube and searching ‘Cute Puppies’ before going to bed. Extra points for car content in the shape of the ‘Freddy Car’ at the very end of the first Nightmare on Elm Street too. 1,2, Freddy’s Coming For You!

Worthy Mentions

  • Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura. The demonic child from the Ring series. Could do with a visit to a Stand and Tan.
  • The Thing. Hellish alien viral strain that turns everyone into quivering masses of pulp. A couple of Ibuprofen should sort it out.
  • Regan MacNeil. The girl from The Exorcist. Nice girl but what a potty mouth.
  • Hannibal Lecter. Nice guy. Throws a cracking dinner party.
  • Jason Voorhees. The king of murdering pretty, brain dead jocks and prom queens in a variety of brutal ways. Well, it’s good to have a hobby I guess.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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