The Lookers Electric Charge in Belfast with Charles Hurst

The Lookers Electric Charge has bolted through Ireland & Northern Ireland and what a start it was!

The Lookers Electric Charge kicked off in style last week, landing in Dublin and heading up to Belfast and beyond.

Beginning at Audi Dublin, the Electric Charge went on to visit dealerships in Ireland before heading into Northern Ireland. The Electric Charge checked in with Lookers subsidiary Charles Hurst which included the huge 30 acre site at Boucher Road in Belfast.

Staff from each dealership got stuck in and contributed to raising awareness for the Ben charity, by driving different electric cars from dealership to dealership, taking part in fundraising activities and having some fun along the way. Check out a round up of the journey so far below:



So, what is the Electric Charge?

This year Lookers CEO Andy Bruce has taken on Ben’s 2018 Industry Leader Challenge (ILC) and has invited the whole of the Lookers Group to get involved. The Electric Charge will cover over 2,000 miles in a carbon-neutral voyage showcasing the wide range of electric cars available at Lookers, touching in at all 155 of Lookers’ franchised dealerships.

Charles Hurst Renault - Electric Charge
Charles Hurst Renault in Northern Ireland joining the Electric Charge!


Who are the Ben charity?

Ben provide support for the automotive industry, helping everyone who works or has worked in the industry. If you are one of the 800,000 people working in the industry in the U.K, Ben is there to provide support to you and your family. Ben are an integral part of the automotive industry and by supporting them this year Lookers looks to continue to raise awareness and support for this important cause.

Where next for the Electric Charge?

The Electric Charge has now headed over to Audi Ayr in Scotland, with the electric car travelling over on the ferry to continue the voyage.

Everyone involved from Ireland and Northern Ireland put in a great amount of effort, with some exceptional dancing and some very scenic drives as seen below!



We can’t wait to continue the journey and follow the Electric Charge across the U.K, look out for the latest updates across our social media channels!

Written by Kieran MacNamara



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