The Lookers Electric Charge - Lucky in Glasgow

Chart-topping Scottish singing, Elvis impersonations and some great fundraising for Ben. It was another great week for the Lookers Electric Charge! ⚡

After a superb start in Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Lookers Electric charge jetted over the Irish Sea from Belfast and arrived at Cairnryan, Scotland on the 24th of May.

The epic 2,000 carbon-neutral voyage then continued to Ayr Audi, the first Lookers dealership in Scotland to take on the Electric Charge.

The Lookers Electric Charge Ferry Trip
Charles Hurst marketing executives Christine and Charlotte carrying over the Lucky baton to Scotland from Northern Ireland.

Where did the Electric Charge visit in Scotland?

After Ayr Audi, the Electric Charge went on to the different Lookers dealerships in Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Motherwell, Hamilton and onto the final stop in Dumfries.

Take a look at some impressive singing (Simon Cowell are you listening?!) along the way, including Lookers CEO Andy Bruce joining in with the carpool karaoke in his own unique way!



Hear what Lookers CEO Andy Bruce had to say about the Electric Charge

Whilst Lookers staff across the UK and Ireland have been getting involved at the different dealerships and showcasing the range of electric cars available at Lookers, the Electric Charge has also been raising some fantastic funds and awareness for the automotive charity Ben.

Andy Bruce describes Ben as: “An incredible charity, who have done outstanding work for all those involved in the motor industry. We are very privileged to be raising money but equally awareness for such a great cause”.



Take a look at some snaps of the Electric Charge in Scotland

Lookers mascot Lucky made some new friends and the summer shorts were out as the sun shined across Scotland. Check out our gallery of images below.

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Where next for the Lookers Electric Charge?

The Electric Charge will arrive at Volkswagen Carlisle, England on Monday the 4th of June as the journey continues south and visits its first stop in England!

Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland have made fantastic contributions so far….England it’s your turn now!


Written by Kieran MacNamara



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