Lucky in small car

“It’s a hard dog life for meee…!” A take your dog to work day tale through Lucky’s eyes

Ruff woof, pant pant! A message from me, Lucky, to all my pups and mutts nationwide:

Today is the day our two-legged companions MIIIGGGHTthey just might consider taking us tykes into work with them! It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day and I’ve been puffing and panting about it allllll week! And it got me thinking. If I had a job, what would I most like to do?

Woofsters, prick up your ears for a detailed doggie depiction of some of my tail-wagging 9-5s…

“I’d like to be in Formula One

Running laps around the pit

Zipping tight my racing gear

Matching gloves and a helmet! WWWOOF!”


Formula One


“I’d like to be a bus driver

Barking local friends on board

In charge of ticket checks

‘Who knew that dog could talk?!”

Lucky in small car


“I’d like to work at petrol stops

Cars moving off in gear

A personal pinned name badge

To show that I’m cashier! RRRRRRuffff!”


Lucky at electric charge point

“Bark bark! I’d like to be a salesman

Test driving current whips

Customers for life

At the friendly dealership!”



Lucky as car salesman


“I think I’d trial a few roles

Until I found my thing

Like today I’m trying blogging

Campaigns and marketing! WOOF WOOF, WWWOOOOOFFF!!”


Lucky in the marketing team


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