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Guest Blog: Sarah Kirby takes the Golf GTE out for a spin

This week, our guest blogger, Sarah Kirby, took the hybrid VW Golf GTE out for a spin with her husband and they kept it for the weekend to see what it would really be like to live with an electric car.

They have been considering buying an electric or hybrid car for a while and this gave them the chance to see how it would fit into their lifestyle.

Sarah liked the hybrid and was reassured with the fuel engine as a back-up if the electric motor lost charge. She was also drawn to the reduction in fuel costs driving a hybrid car would bring and summed up the Golf GTE as a ‘high quality car, both to look at and to drive.’

She and her husband would now like their next car to be an electric or hybrid. Read more about Sarah’s test drive over on her blog:

Sarah Kirby is a blogger who runs a compassionate lifestyle blog, sharing content about travel, health, interiors and Veganism, all with compassion and sustainability at their heart. Read more on her blog here.



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