Motability customer, Alan

Motability Case Study: Alan and his Nissan X-Trail

The Motability Scheme allows disabled motorists or their partners/carers to lease a car, scooter or motorised wheelchair to help them become more mobile. Eligible motorists can exchange their mobility allowance for a vehicle which can be adapted depending on their requirements.

As part of our Motability Awareness Week, each day on our blog, we’re bringing you a case study of real Lookers Motability customers, showing you how Motability has changed their lives.

Today we bring you the story of Alan and his X-Trail.

Alan was a soldier for many years but was forced to give up his duties due to a leg injury. With the support of his wife, children and Lookers, he was able to get back on the road and gain his independence again.

The spacious boot of his Nissan X-Trail is able to carry his scooter, seat, battery and basket and the cabin offers excellent driver comfort and accessibility, allowing Alan to be completely in control.

The Nissan X-Trail has given Alan motoring freedom in more ways than one.  Not only does it give him more space for his scooter, it gives him mental freedom as he admits when he is feeling down he will go for a drive. It has impacted the whole family as he is no longer needs to rely on his wife to take him places.

Alan has dealt with Martin, the same Lookers Motability specialist, for several years and is always happy with the advice and recommendations he makes. Alan regularly goes out for a drive to unwind and he says his Nissan X-Trail has made him ‘fall in love with driving again.’

Find out more about Alan’s story below:

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