Motability customer, Sheridan

Motability Case Study: Sheridan and her Skoda Superb

The Motability Scheme allows disabled motorists or their partners/carers to lease a car, scooter or motorised wheelchair to help them become more mobile. Eligible motorists can exchange their mobility allowance for a vehicle which can be adapted depending on their requirements.

As part of our Motability Awareness Week, each day on our blog, we’re bringing you a case study of real Lookers Motability customers, showing you how Motability has changed their lives.

Today we bring you the story of Sheridan and her Skoda Superb:

Sheridan and her husband run a free B&B for travelling punk rock bands. Her husband, Jed, is the registered driver of her Motability car as Sheridan is partially sighted and finds travelling on public transport challenging. Their Skoda Superb with Lookers Motability allows Jed to take her to and from work as well as take them to see all the bands they put up. The Skoda Superb is spacious and comfortable and its tinted windows are ideal for Sheridan as she has light sensitivity so is always protected when in the car.

Sheridan says she ‘feels really lucky to have a Motability car [because] being able to know they can travel safely and reliably is really important to [her].’

Find out more about Sheridan’s story below:

To find out more about Lookers Motability Awareness Week and to book an appointment at your nearest Lookers dealership this week, click here. 



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