The Skoda Citigo Colour Edition

The Skoda Citigo Colour Edition – a standout performer

Colour Edition is the Citigo’s flashier getup, but it retains the practicality and charm we’ve come to expect.

The Volkswagen Up set the city car scene when it first rocked up in 2011 and has kept its place at the top end of the class ever since.

It’s a formula that works. So much so that the Up lent its mechanical makeup to a couple of other models from VW Group – the Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo.

However, despite sharing the same foundation they all bring their own take. VW sits at the higher end of the spectrum, with Seat in the middle and Skoda coming in as the cheapest – starting under £9k, brand new.

Go Green

I tried the Citigo in its Colour Edition getup, with a few styling extras over the original. This spec has a choice of seven colours, with our model flashing the most standout of these – Kiwi Green.

The 15-inch alloys come in black or white, and for around £200 you can match the wing mirrors and roof. It’s also got tinted windows in the rear, as standard – you won’t miss it coming down the road.

On a car of this size the colour works quite well, and those looking for something a bit quirky and different will probably be all over it.

It’s in the name

Although the Colour Edition’s focus is all about standing out, it’s main feature is still the ease with which it moves around town.

With a compact wheelbase – even in 5-door form – it’ll slide through city centre traffic without any issue. Although the Citigo only comes with 60bhp or 75bhp, it feels like that’s all it needs in the city.

The Colour Edition has the former of those and does fine without the extra 15bhp. Between 0-30mph it’s as nippy as you’d want it to be, and coupled with its size gives you a fairly agile little motor.

It’s not all straightforward

While it’s decent in a straight line, there’s a bit more to city driving. With a turning circle less than nine meters the Citigo needs next to no space to throw itself into a U-turn, with parking made even easier.

The Citigo's interior is surprisingly spacious.

The car’s backend is almost vertical, meaning there’s no overhang to consider when reversing into a bay. The Citigo is only just over three and a half meters long, so there probably won’t be many spaces you can’t put it in.

All this considered, the small Skoda could’ve been forgiven for being a bit cosy on the inside, but I had more than enough legroom and headroom – a huge bonus considering I’m a few inches north of six feet.

You’ll comfortably fit four adults in, something that’s more surprising considering the space doesn’t seem to have been sacrificed elsewhere.

Compartments, everywhere

Skoda have also managed to dot a number of storage areas about. You get the usual door trays and glove box, but also a phone holder on the dashboard and another below the radio controls that can be removed for a cup holder.

There’s even a dedicated slot below the front passenger seat for an umbrella – if you can afford to add in a brolly holder, you’re definitely not short of space.

It deserves praise

Skoda’s first budget city car is an impressive debut in its class. Although it’s the same as the VW Up and Seat Mii underneath, the Citigo’s managed to make the template its own.

The Skoda Citigo Colour Edition

Although the Up is filling out the higher end of the class – with the performance-spec Up GTI, for one – the Citigo is a canny little machine, and one that comes in an even more affordable package.

The Colour Edition would be a great first motor, or city run-around for those wanting something a bit more flash on a budget.

But if the bright paintjob and contrasting alloys and roof aren’t your thing, you could save an extra couple of grand on the lower trims.


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