Snug as a Love Bug in the hotel Herbie: Gas station room

Five road-mantic adventures for the car enthusiast couple

Is it the most romantic day of the year? The chance to scoff seashell chocolates? Or just an excuse to pick out a saucy card?

Guylian chocolates
Scoff-able seashells!

Whether you’re utterly in love with your plans for this Valentine’s weekend or daydreaming about your next trip away with friends or your other half, which one of these car-razily romantic ideas do you have a crush on?

1. Explore Berlin in a Mustang Safari

On a sightseeing mission in Berlin a couple of years ago, I encountered a quirky-looking convoy of classic cars out on the roads. The groovy car hire ‘Mustang Safari’ lets people motor off in classic American cars for urban adventures of Germany’s vibrant, architectural, metropolitan capital. However I was disappointed that the song Mustang Sally! wasn’t blasting from the radios. Or maybe they could dub it over with Mustang Safari?

Visit the website for more info and bookings here.

Booking office
Booking office
Mustang Sally!

2. Cuddle up in a car

With your pet’s dog-haired blanket in the boot as your only source of warmth, providing you crank the handbrake to avoid rolling away, your car is the perfect place to snooze… no? Not convinced?
The beds modelled on retro whippersnapper vehicles at this nostalgic luxury hotel in greenery-adorned Stuttgart, Germany, will send you off to the land of nod in no time!

Get away at the V8 hotel here.

Snug as a Love Bug in the hotel Herbie: Gas station room
Snug as a Love Bug in the hotel Herbie: Gas station room
Cheque out this flag mirror! Racing room
Cheque out this flag mirror! Racing room
Make yourself comfortable in this workshop-based room: Workshop room
That’s one use for a spare tyre! British racing room
That’s one use for a spare tyre! British racing room


This heart-shaped car in full beat (and bleep) for the Danacol yoghurt adverts is the only heart-shaped car in existence!

The shape reflects the goodness of the yoghurt and was designed and built by Asylum Models and Effects in the UK, on what looks to be a custom tube-frame chassis with a Mini 1275cc engine.

If you forgot a Valentine’s Day prezzie, the design company are asking for £49,955 (about $80 grand) for the car. Bargain! Just don’t forget to throw in a ‘Sorry it’s late’ card…

3. Swap the skates for a spin on bumper cars on ice

This rink in Providence, Rhode Island, is the lovechild of ice skating and dodgems is perfect for sharing a giggle with your other half or on a double date. The Providence Ice Rink is part of the Alex and Ani City Centre, a winter wonderland frosted with outdoor activities, toasty photo opportunities blanketed by hats and scarves and and plenty of hand-holding pursuits around the park. Don’t sweat it, the bumper cars won’t tear you apart for too long!

Book your slot at Bumper Cars on Ice.

You'll be hand in hand again soon!
You’ll be hand in hand again soon!

4. Pit-stop plates at V-Ate

Mmmmm… milkshakes. The famous five-dollar shake debate in Pulp Fiction took place in a car-themed restaurant. In the Tarantino classic, Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) dine in a car at 1950s-style Jack Rabbit Slims diner, which used to be real-life Hawthorne Grill near Los Angeles airport.

And guess what? There’s a real-life Boston grill just like the one in the movie! It’s called V-Ate and the smoking hot interior, flame-grilled steak burgers and sizzling barbeque dishes there are enough to set any petrol head’s eyes (and belly!) on fire. At this pit-stop eatery, you can park yourselves at a raft of authentic car-themed tables while gazing into each other’s eyes.

Mia and Vincent, no can do. There’s no sign of five dollar shakes.

You can find out more about the eatery here.

V-Ate restaurant, Boston
V-Ate restaurant, Boston
Mia and Vincent, Jack Rabbit Slims Diner (aka Hawthorne Grill), Pulp Fiction 1994
Mia and Vincent, Jack Rabbit Slims Diner (aka Hawthorne Grill), Pulp Fiction 1994

5. Pop ya corn at this pop-up screen

Whether you’re coupled up, complaining or commemorating about being single, or need an excuse not to talk to your first date, the grandeur of the Village Screen cinema at Victoria Baths in Manchester is the perfect decoy.

Originally a bathing institute that opened in 1906, the mosaics and terracotta of the building offer a artsy cinema experience. You can leave your lilo and foam floats at home and pull up a candy-striped deckchair instead. An underwater cinema experience could take off though…

The loved up line-up for the weekend is as follows:

• Friday 15th February – Romeo and Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann (evening screening)
• Saturday 16th February – The Little Mermaid, animated Disney version (afternoon screening
• Saturday 16th February 10 Things I Hate About You, 90’s romcom (evening screening)

Find out more about the cinema here.

OooOOo… shiny…


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