Ben Wright and manager

National Apprenticeship Week: Fix Up, Look Smart! With our Trainee Sales Exec Managers

Struck by stage fright before an interview? You’ve rapidly researched the company, attacked your Pukka Pad with points of reference and read over them until your brains are nothing but a bubble of brand history, slogans, and the timeline – DATES: We simply MUST remember the dates! 1908. Manchester. That’s when and where Lookers was founded by John Looker by the way.

It goes without saying – but I’m going to say it anyway – that a bit of research never harmed anyone, but at Lookers, it’s more important to us that our team members are a good fit with our core values, and our managers are always sharp-eyed for individuals who have an interest in the motor industry, or a genuine gusto for a particular role.

To gather a handful of hints from our leaders about how they scout out potential new trainees and apprentices, Lookers blogger, Becky Green, popped by our dealerships for a natter.

Paul Devere, New Car Sales Manager from Lookers Volkswagen Blackpool, commented on the importance of fixing up and looking smart at interview stage. He said:

“Scrubbing up well in a suit or formal outfit is important, especially for trainee sales roles. If someone is sitting up, smiling and not slouching in an interview, then I’d expect that this type of body language is indicative of their genuine interest in the role, the cars they are going to be selling and the people they are selling them to.

“A person who asks questions about the role or company also impresses me. Our apprentices are going to become part of a wider team, listening to and absorbing information from as many experienced members of it as possible. Being inquisitive by quizzing the interviewer could be reflective of how open the individual is about asking questions to support their development.”

If you’re nosey enough, you may nab the job, but what about in the dealership? An apprenticeship allows newbies the chance to gain trade skills through training, but what mindset makes people pique above the rest?

At SEAT Stockport, Sales Manager, Naomi, said the key to being a successful apprentice is having:

1. An amicable manner

“Customers will always feel welcomed into the dealership by our team, including our amicable apprentices. They understand that everyone’s lifestyle is different and that couples, families and new drivers alike will want a car to fit with that. They’ll help customers find their dream car and resolve any problems that they may be having with their current vehicle.”

Naomi Franklin, Sales Manager from SEAT Stockport
Naomi Franklin, Sales Manager from SEAT Stockport

2. A proactive approach

“We encourage our apprentices and trainees to be proactive in learning by helping them recognise their own strengths and areas in which they can develop before they reach accreditation. From an initial visit to the dealership and taking a car for a spin, to the paperwork and that feeling of satisfaction that we all get when we finally get behind the wheel of a new vehicle, our organised apprentices will consistently think ahead to support every person who has taken the time to consider buying a vehicle from us.”
3. An enthusiastic attitude

“Our trainees and apprentices have an enthusiasm for the brand and our training leads to them knowing their onions when it comes to the different models and what makes each car unique. Engagement with the brand, which is constantly evolving, means clear and concise communication, and we work with our trainees and apprentices to ensure that they are well-informed, maintaining a broad knowledge of SEAT and a passion for the role itself.”

Ben Wright and manager
Naomi with Trainee Sales Exec Ben Wright, a pub owner before he joined Lookers

You can hear from Ben in tomorrow’s blog.

If you’re interested in applying for an apprenticeship at Lookers, visit the careers portal here.



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